New Car + No CD Player = Cassette Tape Comeback

New Truck, 1994 Mazda B2300

I recently acquired the lil’ blue beauty you see pictured above as a direct result of totaling my old car on the way to Summer Camp a month ago.  The accident seems to be a mixed blessing.  One of the unexpected pros of the situation was learning to drive a stick.  A more pertinent “benefit” would be the truck’s stereo setup, or lack thereof.  Specifically, I am now cruising around with a Clarion cassette tape deck with no visible screen.  I may not be able to bump like I used to, but I am now faced with the forced opportunity to fall back in love with cassette tapes, whose usefulness to me was rather limited before the age of 10, when we got a CD player in our house.  But, a decade and a trip to the used record store later, I am the proud owner of three gently used classic cassettes:

Allman Brothers, Boston, Grand Funk Cassettes

That’s right.  The best of The Allman Brothers, Boston’s self-titled, and the Best of Grand Funk.  Classics, indeed.

At this point, I would like to ask anyone reading this who has some jammin’ Phish or Dead tapes to share if they would be willing to send ’em over for some good ol’ fashioned blanks & postage.  Shoot me an email at, I’d greatly appreciate it, since I have a few upcoming road trips and the local shop has zero Grateful Dead or Phish tapes for sale.

Additionally, any classic albums I should be considering for road trips?  My next trip to the record shack will likely involve the purchase of some Little Feat, Rolling Stones, and taking a hint from a favorite character of mine, some Creedence.  This may be the start of a new obsession…

Update:  It should also be noted that I will only be accepting cassette submissions from bands and promoters from this point forth.  CD’s will be passed among friends or delegated as coasters.

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  1. Dad

    I can’t believe this turn of events. Think of all those cool cassettes just sitting in our stereo cabinet. I spent lots of hours recording those dude! I’m really getting a “kick” out of this. Need any Black Oak Arkansas perhaps? Allmans and Grand Funk…….good choices. I wasn’t big on Boston,….too frat boy at the time.
    You definitely need some Ozark Mountain Daredevils in there.
    Ah the memories. Glad it doesn’t have an 8-track. Even I didn’t have one of those. Ha.
    Enjoy the ride.

  2. Hey,
    just a thought, but how ’bout posting some of your favorite mix tape setlists?
    i kinda miss the days when i manually put together a mix tape, that had 100 minutes’ worth of aural treats. last time i checked… CD’s maxed out @ 80 min.


  3. Dad: That brings me to the next email I was going to send. Could you bring that case of cassettes sitting in the living room for me? I don’t think I’ll get extensive play from the Tina Turner one but I think the other side contains Margaritaville, which would be nice for summer. Thanks.

    B.S.: Good idea… I was scouting thrift shops today for a tape deck… I may just be posting those cassette mix tapes soon.

  4. I once spent a week in Texas with just a Willie Nelson’s Greatest Hits cassette.

  5. Dad

    Yeah, I’ll bring you some tapes.
    Let’s see, a quick look produces: Warren Zevon “Excitable Boy”. The Hooters “Nervous Nights” . Little Feat ” Representing the Mambo”. Spin Doctors ‘Pockets full of Kryptonite”. Rolling Stones “Tattoo You”. Little Feat “Sailin Shoes”.
    “Very Best of Poco”. Steve Winwood “Chronicles”. New Riders of the Purple Sage “Panama Red” Jackson Browne “Running on Empty”. J.D. Souther “Home by Dawn”.

    Dude….you might be on to something here if you like “old school”.
    Buffett…..I’m finding “Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes”. No margaritas, but also Fruit Cakes….don’t even remember that one.

    You know, a lot of that Southern California thing back then sprouted out of the Jam band scene with a country influence back in the 60’s, early 70’s. Particularly Poco, New Riders, etc. it seems to me. Not sure, but one seemed to evolve into the other.

  6. tom

    i think i only have two tapes: the backstreet boys’ self titled and fun factory’s fun-tastic. these would add a nice mix to your collection. i think that in 1996 everyone on this earth knew these two by heart. oh yea, these are the polish editions too. probably priceless

  7. tom

    oh man… fleetwood mac greatest hits too

  8. Dad

    Yeah, I ran into “Tusk” also Tom. I gotta admit I’d love hearing the polish versions of those you mentioned. And I for one, can “testify” that I don’t think I’ve ever heard either a Backstreet Boys full album, or who the hell was that second one?

    I’m thinking of putting my dual tape deck on craig’s list. Think I’ll find a buyer?

  9. tom

    Mr. Jamison- glad to know you’re a fleetwood mac fan. i’m not obsessed with them, but i get those scary addicted moments (i used to get these with phil collins when i was younger, but that was much scarier). anyways, i wouldn’t worry too much about missing out on some fun factory. it’s a german dance music group, kinda like ace of base but much much cornier. (i don’t know if you heard of ace of base either. if not, don’t worry… it’s not exactly timeless stuff. they were huge in poland, but dance/club music is pretty much a national symbol there).

    as far as your tape deck, i think you could find a buyer. some people will spend a fortune on the most random stuff online these days.

  10. DAD: ahem. to quote myself: “…I was scouting thrift shops today for a tape deck… I may just be posting those cassette mix tapes soon.”

    I’d better see that tape deck in Iowa (please), because you’re only going to get $10 for it on craigslist.

    TOM: I’d like to think that a Fleetwood Mac Greatest Hits is a lot like a Beach Boys greatest hits album. I’d rather have Pet Sounds (as compared to FMac’s Rumours), but I’m not going to turn it down.

    Fun factory, I’m sure that was your brothers. If not, no worries, the first few CD’s I owned were TLC, Space Jam Soundtrack, and John Michael Montgomery. A few Euro dance tunes are nothing to be ashamed of.

    And how can Ace of Base even be mentioned in this day and age without a cursory reference to their only lasting hit, “The Sign.” You know:
    “I saw the sign, and it opened up my eyes, Noones gonna drag you up into the light where you belong… I saw the sign, and it opened up my eyes, I could be happier living without you, oh oh oh.” etc, etc.

    Anyways, I guess I’ll end on that note…

  11. Oh and I’ve got an new cassette update that I’ll put up in the next day or two, it’s pretty amusing. Kristina took a shot at raiding the record store.

  12. Dad

    Yeah, I picked up on that thrift shop excursion. And I have this “vibe” that you’re really more into my tape deck, than my music! Funny how even a “copyright protected CD” can still be recorded on tape. Maybe progress isn’t progress.

    I don’t know if I can trust you with it though. You destroyed my turntable at the age of 5. And a car at 21. Hmm. I gotta think on this.
    Have you grown up? I might need collateral, I’ll let you know. 🙂


  13. Yeah yeah yeah but I’ve never destroyed the same thing twice, so it’s not messing up your stuff, it’s a learning experience. And frankly I’m more interested in the tapes, despite the fact that you have some odd choices in there (mostly just Tina). The tape deck I could get here at a thrift shop for $10, I just as soon use one that I know is in decent condition.

    I am appalled that you ever doubted my intentions.

  14. Tohanski

    Buy an iPod

  15. Dad

    So, what’s the verdict? You gonna post a mix, recorded on that cool double cassette deck? I’m waiting on my payment btw. And it better have Poco, Steve Winwood (who’s playing with Eric Clapton this summer I hear on his thing) and New Riders on it, at a minimum.

    I didn’t really know that Steve Winwood and Eric Clapton were together in one of his 60’s bands. Blind Faith maybe? Not sure which one. But they are playing on stage together this summer, as part of his thing he’s doing.