Comic Strip: Bassist Wanted

Bassist Wanted

Just discovered this offhand from a link by Squashed on a music blogger’s forum.  It’s titled Bassist Wanted, here’s some clips to my favorite entries below:

Office Guy Was In A Band:

“Once, on this wicked meth trip, I thought these two chicks were cymbals.  I pulled a gun on our manager, made him beat them, with drumsticks for hours while we mainlined paprika and cried.”

Needing A Video iPod:

“Apple… Apple loves its customers so much… and sometimes… love hurts.”

Needing An iPod Nano:

“I need an iPod nano, Brett.  It’s impossibly small.  I need it.”

New My Morning Jacket CD:

“Jerry, be cool, man.” “He’s a Pirate, Curtis!  I see it in his eyes! He’s got that lean, hungry, Bit Torrent-y look about him!”