Author: Kane

  • Today’s Vinyl Purchases

    Talking Heads – Speaking In Tongues BURNING DOWN THE HOUSE 4:00 MAKING FLIPPY FLOPPY 4:36 GIRLFRIEND IS BETTER 4:25 SLIPPERY PEOPLE 3:30 I GET WILD/WILD GRAVITY 4:06 SWAMP 5:09 MOON ROCKS 5:04 PULL UP THE ROOTS 5:08 THIS MUST BE THE PLACE (NAIVE MELODY) 4:56 With maybe the exception of Stop Making Sense, which got […]

  • As If Cassettes Weren’t Enough…

    …just bought these two: Pioneer PL-400 Turntable: original advertisement Grado Prestige Black Cartridge: link So… just have to get a preamp since my reciever has no phono inputs and I’m set. That is, I officially have way too many components in my stack. Hey dad, do you still have that vinyl brush?

  • New Car + No CD Player = Cassette Tape Comeback

    I recently acquired the lil’ blue beauty you see pictured above as a direct result of totaling my old car on the way to Summer Camp a month ago.  The accident seems to be a mixed blessing.  One of the unexpected pros of the situation was learning to drive a stick.  A more pertinent “benefit” would […]

  • Interview: Keller Williams

    About a month ago I had a chance to talk to Keller Williams via phone about his new album, this summer’s tour, his new bandmates, Bob Weir, the future, and everything in between. I believe he was walking around in the woods at the time as you’ll see in his first response. Throughout I’ve thrown […]

  • JamCam/NotMTV Summer Camp 2005 Footage

    Heads up for some new videos at  Highlights from Summer Camp 2005 include Keller Williams, Oteil and the Peacemakers, Groovatron, Umphrey’s McGee, Hot Buttered Rum String Band, RAQ, moe., Michael Franti and Spearhead, and Particle.  Click on the picture to head straight there.

  • Mainstream-O-Meter

    I just caught wind of an amusing application via False45th called the Mainstream-O-Meter. If you have a account you can just pop in your username and it will compare your listening habits to anyone else who has listened to that artist, and then spit out your “mainstreamness.” You can check out my results […]

  • Contrast Podcast – Song Chain

      It’s been a long time since I have contributed to the Contrast Podcast.  For those who don’t know, it’s something of a meta-podcast of music bloggers.  If you take a look at the blogroll on the sidebar of the website, you can see just how extensive the list of contributers has become.  The theme […]

  • FADER Dedicates Issue to Jerry Garcia

      A couple weeks ago FADER dedicated their current issue to Jerry Garcia, and on top of that, decided to distribute the .pdf of it for free.  Though the Grateful Dead will give any band a run for a spot in my all time top 5, I’ve rarely posted on them here at Burning Oak […]

  • Video: The Grateful Dead – “Eyes of the World”

    June 17, 1991, Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey: Opening the show with “Eyes of the World,” one of my favorites, this video was apparently transferred from a VHS as you can see at the beginning, and has good quality video and audio for a transfer.  It starts in with a cool zoom in through […]

  • Summer Camp Downloads Update

    More downloads below, full download listing here. New downloads as of 4pm 06/02: moe. – 05/27 A New torrents as of 4pm 06/02:  Toubab Krewe – 05/26 MMW – 05/27 Pnuma Trio – 05/26