Author: Kane

  • Staxx Brothers: “We Are The Blaxstonz”

    Artist: The Staxx Brothers Album: We Are The Blaxstonz Release: May 2009 A personal favorite of mine from Bumbershoot 2008, Seattle’s The Staxx Brothers are just about to release their second album, We Are The Blaxstonz.  Their first album, 2008’s 12th Street Blues, was a very soulful collection, but the band returns with a tighter […]

  • Election Night Headlines – President Elect Obama

    I’ve gathered screen shots of 32 prominent websites and news organizations from tonight’s historic event, Barack Obama being elected President of the United States. I’ve placed a few favorites at the top here including, Fox News, the Chicago Tribune, and a few others.

  • Ryan Adams – Cardinology Advance

    Cover of Cardinology I just got an exciting package in the mail: a copy the new Ryan Adams & The Cardinals album Cardinology, set for release next Tuesday, along with an autographed copy of the watermarked CD, and an autographed tour poster. More photos after the jump…

  • Free Panjea Album w/ Chris Berry and Michael Kang

    Panjea, the african rhythm band led by Chris Berry who has toured for a couple years now with Michael Kang of String Cheese Incident, is giving away a free album featuring live tracks from their summer tour.  I had a chance to see these guys at Summer Camp 2006 and interview them for Burning Oak, […]

  • Seattle’s Reverb Fest Today

    Just caught wind of this a couple days ago, but I’m headed over to Seattle Weekly’s Reverb Fest this afternoon.  $10 for an all day ticket buys you access to 65 bands at ± 9 venues in the Ballard area, which is hard to pass up.  Some possible sets I may catch: Kate Tucker & […]

  • Streaming Inbox: Rodriguez – Cold Fact

    Artist: Rodriguez Album: Cold Fact Label: Light In The Attic I got wind of this vinyl reissue today from the folks at Light In The Attic, a record label in my newly adopted home of Seattle, and I thought checking out the album would be a good way to get acquainted with the happenings in […]

  • Bumbershoot 2008 Coverage

    Photo by Flickr user SonyaSeattle Here are all of the links to my coverage of Bumbershoot 2008 on 08/28 – Bumbershoot Preview 09/10 – Bumbershoot Saturday Review 09/13 – Bumbershoot Sunday Review 09/14 – Bumbershoot Monday Review

  • Aaron Schroeder – Black & Gold for $3.99!

    This just in, get your own real-life, non-downloaded copy of Aaron Schroeder’s most recent CD, Black & Gold, for just $5.99 shipped straight to your door. I’ve only written briefly about his last album, Southern Heart In Western Skin, but it was quite amazing and is still a staple in my road trip selections, between […]

  • Santa’s Album Release @ Canopy Club

    For those of you here in Champaign-Urbana, Santa will be making their triumphant return from abroad to release their new CD, My Bones , on March 7th at 10pm at Canopy Club.  Tickets are cheap ($5 in advance) and well worth your money. And for those of you that can’t make it to the show, […]

  • Project Chambanda

    Just a little info on a show I highly urge you to go to. It’s a carbon neutral “eco-concert” being sponsored by a University class, and I believe any proceeds go to paying for the bands and charity, both good causes. There will be booths set up by green-minded organizations around the front room of […]