Austin, TX Recap

As I currently type, this site has just received its 10,000th hit! So here’s what we’re going to do. A lot of posts this week are going to revolve around my Austin trip this weekend, regarding Food/Music/Etc. I’d wait unti SXSW was a little closer to do this, but if I don’t do it now I’ll forget. So pay attention all you South By SouthWest attendee’s, I should have some decent stuff this week, or at least I like to imagine so.

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Now that that’s all settled, let’s get started!

Austin, TX Recommendations No. 1:

Lodging for the week, or Now Playing Staying: The Austin Motel.

A pretty cool family owned and operated(since 1938) motel in South Austin. The rooms have got a lot of character, it’s in the heart of a great South Austin/South Congress Avenue bohemian village-type area, and the rates are pretty darn reasonable I hear. No clue if they’re filled up for SXSW yet or not, but my guess is a resounding yes. Here’s a photo of the room I stayed in, #117.

Now that you know a nice place to stay, take a walk across the street and take a gander at The Continental Club, where I checked out Erik Hokkanen & Friends during happy hour on Saturday.  I highly recommend checking out Erik if you visit Austin for a little bit of Americana/HonkyTonk/Jazz/Lounge/Surfer/Whatever else you can think of because these guys played it all.

Alright, stay tuned for more Austin Visit Links (noted by this star ) from my trip tomorrow.  I’ve got a few links for you here then I’m off, because I woke up at 5:30am this morning to get to the airport and I think I deserve a little sleep.

  • First off, AquariumDrunk is about to make me puke.  The man posts 3/4 unreleased Ryan Adams albums, then starts reviewing all of the Talking Heads Rereleases.  I think he’s insane, and slightly genius.  And I’m glad as hell that he’s doing it.  Go read his site like it’s what you were born to do today.  Then come back and love us some more, because he already gets lots of traffic.
  • Second Trees Lounge is still hard at his 50 States project, impressively enough.  Go catch up at Delaware and hope you haven’t missed too much.