LiveMusicBlog: “We Need a High-Quality Paid Webcast for Phish Concerts”

Marcus Whitperson, one of the writers at, has written up an excellent and well thought out open letter to the members and management of Phish regarding the need for a Phish concert webcast.  Head over there to see Whitperson’s arguments for why this has to come soon.  There are a lot of people out there that would pay $10-20 per show for this if it was done correctly (read: hi-definition, solid bandwidth, quality sound).

“After witnessing the evolving and ever-expanding online activity surrounding Phish’s recent reunion tour, I’m now thoroughly convinced that the Phish fan base is primed and ready for a high-quality and paid live video stream for the band’s next tour. If done properly and in innovative Phish fashion, it could create an untapped revenue stream for the band while allowing more Phish fans to engage with the band’s music – in particular those fans that can’t make it out to every show on tour.

Given the band’s recent history of wanting to scale down their in-house operations, I could see why you might think that a large-scale paid webcast would not be worth the large investment and effort it most certainly would require. But it’d be wrong to think so. There are some very compelling reasons why this should happen now and why Phish is the band to do it.

Phish, Red Light Management, please hear us out. We’ve really thought this one through… “

Photo by Paul Kanterman

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